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Voyage To Tonkin -1917 - by Camille Boell - translated by Gerry Briggs (PB, 2014)

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Voyage To Tonkin -1917 - by Camille Boell - translated by Gerry Briggs (PB, 2014) | Books & More Bookstore

Content Description: Translated by his grandson Gerry Briggs from Camille's diary during his trip to French Indochina from January - July 1917.  Boell was a high ranking civil servant attached to the French Railway system in early 1900's.  He served in the military 1913-1916 during WWI.  After his retirement he accepted a senior board position with a group involved in the development of Mining and Rail interest in French Indochina.  Seven month journey was detailed in a day - by - day account of his travels and dealings, visiting and evaluating mines which provided valuable ores and minerals to France.  Several pages of documents and pictures are included.

Condition Description:  Very Good.  One small smudge to left on front of cover and one small spot of damage by a drop of water that accidentally fell on cover on right side.  No other marks or defects noted.

Publisher: Gerry Briggs

Number of Pages: 106

Dimensions:  6 3/8" x 9" x 3/8"

Country of Manufacture: USA

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